Why cyclocross? Maybe you’ve never heard of cyclocross before, or are wondering why someone might do such an awkward, strange sport? Or why a cyclocross bike is the best invention ever? Well, here we have a few good reasons for you:

  • You get to ride your bike where you’re not supposed to.  You don’t have to trust us, just give it a shot. Riding any type of bike over unique terrain again and again is fun.
  • Cyclocross is the most accessible form of bicycle racing, period. You can show up on practically any bike (cyclocross, mountain bike, hybrid, road bike), train or race in the tiniest piece of land near your home, not need to know a complex racing etiquette and race competitively with just a few hours of training per week and still have a job, family and life.
  • Fans, friends and family enjoy 30 to 60 minutes of constant, intense action-packed racing, with many opportunities to see their favorite racer from just one vantage point.  Once the race starts, fans witness a near-constant stream of racers battling each other and the course. Spectators are part of the culture of cyclocross and become a part of the competition. Supporting your favorite racer and heckling is unique to the sport.

If you are interested in participating in a race, or want to join Velo Allegro’s Cyclocross team, shoot us a message and someone will get back to you with details on how to start.