Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What kind of cycling club is Velo Allegro?

Velo Allegro’s mission is to provide a safe and friendly environment for members to achieve their cycling goals. Velo Allegro’s members, consisting of varying abilities, engage in activities that encompass the entire range of the sport of cycling; from the heart-throbbing, adrenaline-pumping action of road, track and cyclocross racing, to Century fun rides and recreational road and off-road fitness rides.

  • Club Mission: To provide a safe and friendly environment for members to achieve their cycling goals
  • Club Vision: Encourage and promote cycling as a sport, recreation, transportation alternative and lifelong activity
  • Club Goals:
    • Be a positive role model
    • Provide a safe riding environment
    • Develop member skills
    • Provide a quality support system
    • Benefit the community and be active in bicycle related causes


How can I find out the club ride schedule?

Velo Allegro offers organized ride opportunities every day of the year.  Our weekly ride schedule and departure times is listed on our website under the RIDES/RACES tab.  All of our rides leave the northern end of the Long Beach Marina parking lot (2nd St / Marina Drive).  During the summer months, we also offer a Wednesday late afternoon ride to Turnbull Canyon in Whittier along the San Gabriel bike path.


Do you offer anything more than club rides?

Yes!  In addition to our regular club rides, your membership offers you numerous opportunities for discounts from our sponsors, race reimbursement program, monthly club meetings, annual San Diego double century weekend and other fun Velo Allegro activities.


Do you have a no-drop policy?

Yes.  Every Sunday our club offers members and guests the option of a short or long route.  The long route has an unregulated speed.  The short route has a regulated speed at a comfortable pace for all participants and a no-drop policy. 

Everyone  leaves the marina together at a comfortable pace and we do not break into groups until the first bathroom stop.  Both groups have a designated ride leader and  both groups are expected to stop for flats and mechanical issues.


Do I have to be a member to ride with the club?

Velo Allegro is open to anyone who would like to ride with us.  We only ask that you wear a helmet and practice safe riding skills.  Any non-member who rides with us regularly will be asked to join the club.


How do I become a member?

The club membership application is listed on our website under the ABOUT tab.  Fill out the application and mail it to our Post Office Box, or forward a hard or electronic copy to one of the club officers.

If you are joining the club at the time of our main clothing order in mid-October, you may become a member and order your clothing on-line at the same time.


How do I get club clothing?

Our main clothing order is in mid-October of each year.  We have an on-line ordering system through Squadra, our clothing manufacturer.  If you join the club outside of our clothing order period, you can purchase a jersey and bib shorts from our overstock supply.


How can I find out about current events within the club?

Our website is the best source of information to find out about current events within the club.


Does Velo Allegro offer race reimbursement?

Velo Allegro has a proud history of racing and we want to promote our competitive side as much as possible.  We do offer race reimbursement and have a racer contract.  Race reimbursement amounts may vary from year to year depending on club finances.


Is Velo Allegro open to Junior, Women and Collegiate riders?
Yes!  We want to see as many women, junior and collegiate members riding in our club as possible.  For this reason, we offer free membership to all juniors (18 years and younger) and all full-time collegiate students who race on the California State University at Long Beach racing team.  All Women are discounted 50% for their membership fee.


What training opportunities exist within the club?

As a club, we have a great group of experienced members who will gladly work with new or less experienced members to help them become better riders.  Our weekend club rides offer excellent opportunities to increase one’s recreation and race fitness.  During Spring/Summer months many Velo Allegro members participate in the Tuesday evening El Dorado Park training series.  Finally, depending on member needs and requests we may offer special training/mentoring opportunities;  Just speak to one of our club officers if you are interested.

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