The Velo Allegro Cycling Club was founded in 1987 by a group of bicycle racing and fitness enthusiasts. Beginning with just 20 members, this Long Beach-based Club has grown to regularly include over 100 members per year.

While the Club’s membership numbers have certainly changed, one thing has always remained the same – Velo Allegro’s mission to actively support and promote the sport of cycling. Velo Allegro’s members, consisting of varying abilities, engage in activities that encompass the entire range of the sport of cycling, from the heart-throbbing, adrenaline-pumping action of racing, to the long-distance endurance and recreational fun and fitness rides.

Club Photo 

Velo Allegro is a recognized club of the United States Cycling Federation (USCF) and has strong USCF membership. As part of its USCF membership, Velo Allegro holds an annual race, the Velo Allegro Criterium, and for the past few years, has also promoted a Cyclocross race in the Fall at El Dorado Park in Long Beach. Velo Allegro supports its racing members with race reimbursement and other value-added programs that vary year-to-year. Over the years, Velo Allegro members have won several state and national titles as well as world championships.


Recreational Riding
Thanks to its Long Beach-base, the club attracts many beginning and recreational cyclists that are looking for cool, scenic rides that only Southern California can provide. Velo Allegro is a great club for newcomers to the sport or for those that are looking to keep fit and have fun with a great group of people that share a common interest.


Friends, Food, and Fun
Velo Allegro is a Club that races seriously but also knows how to have fun. After-ride coffee and snacks from local sponsor hangouts give members a chance to relax and get to know each other, or at the very least, tell tales about the day’s ride. The Club also hosts social events during the year.


Club Officers – 2013

  • President – Bill Pullano – president@veloallegro.org
  • Treasurer – Daniel Rojas – treasurer@veloallegro.org
  • Secretary – Mike Mische – secretary@veloallegro.org
  • Webmaster – Frank Said – newsletter@veloallegro.org


More Information
Be sure to go through this website if you’re looking for more information. You’re also welcome to Contact Us with specific questions or comments. If you think you’d like to give Velo Allegro a try, join us at our next ride. Ride information can be found in the Rides/Races section.  Go all-out and get your membership form to sign up now!


Happy Riding!

2010 Team Photo:  As promised, enclosed is a pdf for those that want to make
prints of the photo.

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