In 1988, the newly formed Velo Allegro Cycling Club in Long Beach, CA registered as a racing club with USCF.  Fast forward to today and the club has grown to over 100 members.

While the Club’s membership numbers have certainly changed, one thing has always remained the same — Velo Allegro’s mission to be the best cycling club in Southern California and provide a safe and welcoming environment for members to achieve their cycling goals. Our members actively engage in cycling activities that encompass everything from recreational fun-and-fitness rides, to the heart-throbbing, adrenaline-pumping action of racing on the road, dirt and track.

Our Mission


To actively support and grow the sport of cycling and contribute to our local community.


To provide a safe and welcoming environment for members to achieve their cycling goals.


  1. Be good cycling citizens
  2. Provide a safe riding environment
  3. Develop member skills
  4. Be active in bicycle related causes
  5. Benefit the community

Recreational Riding

Velo Allegro’s home base location of Long Beach, California, offers many scenic rides in and around the coastal area with pleasant riding temperatures. We are a great club for cyclists looking to keep fit, improve one’s ability, and have fun with a supportive group of people.

Our recreational rides vary in length and pace, but generally include 40 to 65 miles of riding over varied terrain.  Our “cruising” tempo is generally 20 – 22 mph on flat terrain. Because member’s abilities vary when the road pitches up, we regroup after climbs.  The shorter rides will have one bathroom/water stop, and generally two stops for the longer rides.  For details of our rides, please see the “Club Rides” page.


Velo Allegro is a sanctioned USA Cycling club. Many of our members participate in road, dirt and track racing events.  The club provides members with partial race reimbursement and other value-added programs. Over the years, several Velo Allegro members have won State, National, and World titles.

Club Rides

Our rides have the following characteristics:

  • All riders start together as one group.  On Saturdays, the group splits into two rides (see below) at Goldenwest Street in Huntington Beach.
  • Steady pace to keep the group together.
  • Regroup at the top of major climbs and before heading home.
  • At least one stop for water and restrooms.
  • At least one major climb
  • Focus on safety through group communication of debris, hazards and other conditions, communicating with other riders, obeying traffic laws and signals and avoiding confrontations with motorists.
  • The group stops for anyone experiencing a flat or other mechanical issue.
  • As the group gets closer to home, the pace increases.  Assuming riders know their way home, slower riders get dropped. 
    This is not done to make anyone feel excluded, it is meant to ensure the majority gets what they came for, a challenging and rewarding workout. 
    For those determined to increase their level of fitness, working to hang in longer each ride can be a positive motivating factor.


  • The “South” rides go into areas of Orange County such as Newport Coast, Laguna Niguel, and Irvine. This ride is recommended for new members and visitors.  After a warm up pace of 18 – 20 mph for roughly 10 miles, we keep a steady pace of 20 to 23 mph on flat terrain, re-group at the top of major climbs and before heading home.
  • “Hammer Zone” is an 8-mile loop ridden at a racing pace with riders split into two groups. The “A” group speed is typically 25 mph and higher while the “B” group is typically 23 – 25 mph.  The terrain is flat except for a couple of freeway overpasses.  Riders decide on how many loops they want to tackle. The Hammer Zone groups do not stop for mechanical issues.


  • These rides are longer and faster than the Saturday “South” ride and are recommended for more experienced members and visitors.
  • The rides average 60 – 65 miles and typically include one to several climbs.
  • While we are not in a “race mode”, members do like to test their legs on Sundays.

For details of our various rides, please go to the Rides page.

Click here for a PDF of the club Ride Rules and Etiquette Guide

Club Officers

To Contact any Club Officer, please use the “Contact” page.


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